Why does it feel so much sexier, so much more delicious, so much more depraved when you slide it in, daddy?
Your baby girl.

It sure does.



Get in position. You know which one my favourite is. Then close your eyes and wait. I want to take in the view first. To see all of your glorious curves. I want to see you at your most vulnerable. All exposed and not knowing what will happen next. I want to stare at you while I go over in my head what I’m going to do to your body. What parts I’m going to attack first and how. How many times and for how long. How hard or how soft.
Don’t move a muscle, and don’t touch yourself. I don’t want you twitching or squirming. Stay still and wait. Just like you have been instructed. Just like the good, obedient girl that you are. Keep your ass in the air and your mind open. That’s your whole purpose right now. Listen to my footsteps and imagine what I’m looking at. What is running through my mind. Wonder when and how I will finally take you. Experience the sensation of your wetness running off your lips and down your thigh. The longer I take the more of it there will be.
You know how hard I must be by now. You’re well aware of how badly I want you. You also know that I might surprise you. The uncertainty is slowly getting to you. It’s making it difficult for you to stay focused on not moving. That trail of fluid on your skin making its way down to the sheets is distracting you. But you know that I won’t be happy if you try and touch it or move your fingers to its source. Just do what I tell you and you will be rewarded.
Now get in position. Don’t make me tell you a third time…
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